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About A Bird

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Naming a company is a funny thing. My father is appalled I named my company Jaybird Communications. In his era, a “j-bird” was short for “jailbird.” Since I’m more the type that will come haul you out of jail than vice versa, I told him most people who knew me would think that is very funny.

Someone else told me it made them think of “naked as a jaybird.” I googled around for the etymology on that one; it’s not clear but it’s still funny – and memorable. Which in this business is not bad.

In the grand tradition of PR and marketing agencies named after their founders, I could have gone with Jakobsen Communications. But when your last name is Jakobsen, you get used to your name being misspelled most of the time – not great for search engines. And I’d like something more inclusive for my future team.