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Audiokite Research provides musicians and labels at every level with affordable, data-driven feedback on their songs from real people throughout the United States. Artists submit their tracks via an intuitive web-based system that allows them to select the number of listeners, target people who prefer a specific genre, and choose the minimum amount of time the song must be played. Using the Amazon Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing platform, Audiokite identifies and verifies high-quality reviewers, gathering data from listeners via a comprehensive survey and combining the results into an easy-to-understand report. Topics covered include commercial potential, synch licensing potential, and ratings for vocals, instrumentation, production, song name, band name, and more. Those who perform exceptionally well can opt in to be matched with industry opportunities based on their data, including blog write-ups, discounted or free musician services, vetted promotion opportunities, submission to label A&R, and more. Artists, labels, and managers may also subscribe to Audiokite Pro to receive a discount on reports, add a website link to the listener survey, choose their own free response question on the listener survey, and download raw data in CSV format. For more information, visit


Executive Bios

Alex Jae Mitchell – Co-Founder and CEO

Alex Mitchell audiokite -headshotAlex Jae Mitchell, Co-Founder and CEO of Audiokite Research, is an entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and accomplished musician who formed two startups, performed at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center, and became an early YouTube celebrity all before hitting the age of 25. At Audiokite, Mitchell is consolidating those strengths to provide musicians with affordable, actionable market research on their songs, allowing them to make educated decisions regarding which singles to promote, which mixes to use, and more.

Mitchell began his career during his sophomore year at Fordham University, when he became disillusioned with the state of the indie music industry and created as a remedy. The site, a music discovery and promotion engine for underground musicians, quickly went viral on StumbleUpon, leading to 200,000 hits within a two-day period and tens of thousands of sign-ups. While continuing his work on the site, Mitchell became interested in digital marketing and its tech-based off-shoot “growth hacking,” which focuses on non-traditional tactics involving social media, viral marketing, search engine optimization, analytics, and more to drive awareness. He began serving as an independent consultant for companies in education, fashion, law, and more, developing a strong affinity for market research and data. Upon realizing that most independent musicians did not have access to the proper research they need to make important career decisions, he formed Audiokite in 2014. The site allows artists to upload tracks that are reviewed by members of Amazon Mechanical Turk’s crowdsourcing platform, creating a robust report that gives musicians feedback on their songs, production, sync prospects, band name, song name, and more.

An expert on the electric violin, Mitchell is also a successful musician whose videos, in which he uses a loop machine to create elaborate solo arrangements of original songs, racked up well over half a million views in the early days of YouTube in 2005-2006. In addition to Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center, he has performed at Disney World in Orlando, FL; the Canadian Embassy and the German Cultural Center in New York; Mozart’s 250th Birthday Celebration in Salzburg, Austria; Christchurch in Dublin, Ireland; and more. Mitchell has also released one full-length record, Evolution, and two EPs, Intercosm and One-Offs, which are all available on iTunes. He is a member of ASCAP.

Mitchell currently resides in Long Island City, NY. He is a graduate of Fordham University with a BA in Communications/New Media and a minor in Music.