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Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood To Livestream NYC Show In VR

Umphrey’s McGee Halloween Shows to Be Livestreamed in Social VR via Endless Riff

Music VR Platform Endless Riff To Stream Band-Curated Umphrey’s McGee Playlist and Lettuce Documentary

Social Music VR Platform Endless Riff To Kick Off June 27 With Livestreamed Rockwood Music Hall Show In Virtual Environment

Social Music VR Platform Endless Riff To Make NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall First Virtualized Venue To Livestream Concerts In VR

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About Endless Riff

Endless Riff is a social music VR platform that provides new ways for fans to experience live, recorded and self-captured music together. A “virtual music festival,” Endless Riff allows music lovers to consume, communicate and bond over live performances, archived and exclusive “b-roll” content within existing, former, or new virtual venues. Using networked VR tools, the platform offers content across a broad variety of capture technologies including 2D, 3D and 360 degree video. Endless Riff was founded by CEO Mark Iannarelli and CTO Andrei Averbuch in 2015. For more information, please visit

Mark Iannarelli – CEO and Co-Founder

Mark Iannarelli is the CEO and Co-Founder of Endless Riff, a social music virtual reality (VR) platform that provides new ways for music fans to experience live, recorded and self-captured music together.

Before starting Endless Riff in 2015 with Andrei Averbuch, Mark spent 17 years in the investment industry, capped off by serving as Managing Director and Director of Fixed Income at global asset management and investment advisory firm Rockefeller & Co. Inc.  While managing over a billion dollars in assets in his investment work, Mark watched technology fundamentally shift consumer attention to digital goods, leading to extensive deflationary forces, a financial crisis, and further societal change that he sees accelerating in the years ahead. A music fan frustrated by the lack of affordable access to music while innovative music businesses were stifled, Mark believes the technology is present today to bring economic returns to artists that equate to their share of influence in society.

The passion to enter the music business fray began at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2008, when he saw a complete thriving economy, benefitting the artist and fan alike, built for just a few days, and vanishing while leaving tribes of fans yearning for the communal experience the rest of the year. The maturation of VR technology is now poised to solve both fan and artist problems in his view. By building a platform that serves as both a nostalgic trip back to past concerts with friends and a window into brand new experiences, while creating a unique shared social environment with the fan community at the center, Mark and Endless Riff intend to not only improve the economics of music but put it at the center of the entire VR economy of the future.

Mark attended the University of Kentucky, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance after an initially studying civil engineering. He splits time between Montclair, New Jersey and Naples, Florida with his family. His favorite bands include The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pearl Jam and M83, and he is always striving to experience more live music with friends – in person or virtually.