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  • Excerpted with permission from Susan Butler’s Music Confidential September 20, 2013:


By Susan Butler

The husband has been busy working. On Wednesday he thinks about the weekend and realizes that his wife’s birthday is on Sunday. What plans could he make that would be really special? Maybe he could take her to an Enrique Iglesias concert. He will need to find the locations for upcoming concerts and then find and pay for concert tickets, airline tickets, a rental car and a nearby hotel room. Since he is a cost-conscious kind of guy, he wants to find the best deals, but to do so he will need quite a bit of time to visit multiple Web sites to gather all of the data.

Why hasn’t anyone made this process much easier? That is what Michael Coletta wondered as he searched for upcoming Pearl Jam concerts last year, just before he founded Fantrotter.

Launched this spring, Fantrotter is a startup funded by Coletta’s “friends and family” that takes the hassle out of finding the best deals to trot around the globe to attend your favorite events. When I heard about the concept this week, it seemed interesting enough. But when I actually visited the site and began playing around on it, turned me into a fan of the site in just two searches.


About Fantrotter helps fans find the best ticket and travel options to get them to and from their favorite events. Get ticket, flight, hotel and car rental prices all in one search, then just click to book with popular ticket and travel providers.


Executive Bios

MMichael Colettaichael Coletta – Founder & CEO

Michael Coletta is the founder and CEO of, the ultimate travel site for fans, a ticket + travel search engine that enables fans to view the schedules of their favorite bands, sports teams and performers, then quickly compare and purchase the best tickets and travel arrangements to get them to the event and back from popular ticket sellers and travel suppliers.

He also organizes the travel startup group Travel 2.0, which helps travel startup founders get feedback on their businesses at critical points in their growth, while connecting and educating travel industry professionals. He curates the Travel Startup Roundup which highlights important travel startup news, and is a committee member and webmaster of Travel+SocialGood, a conference exploring the nexus of travel, technology and social good. He was selected to participate as one of the 35 members of the class of 2013 “Young Leaders under 35” executive development program by PhoCusWright, the leading travel, tourism and hospitality industry market research firm.

Mike co-founded and has been a partner for seven years at the award-winning travel website, which features the writing of dozens of European travel experts. He has served in a variety of high-level roles in the travel industry and at agencies specializing in technology, business development, marketing and product. Positions include E-commerce Analyst for Fodor’s Travel guides, Director of Digital Marketing for marketing agency Think Wider, Vice President of Search Marketing and Information Technology for online marketing agency El Toro Interactive, Director of Travel Services for domain name development company, Business Development Director for travel portal, and International Pricing and Marketing Analyst at Hertz Corporation. He has a BBA in Finance with a minor in Psychology from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Mike is a musician, playing bass for the alt-pop band Charm Face, and an avid sports and comedy fan. He often travels to see his favorite performers, such as Pearl Jam, which planted the seed for Fantrotter. He also blogs about his favorite food, the artichoke, at