Jaybird’s 2017 Resolutions


ResolutionsBy Bill Greenwood and Laurie Jakobsen

Happy New Year! We’re already more than a week into 2017, but it’s never too late to make a few resolutions. Here are a few goals that we at Jaybird will be working toward throughout the year.

Be More Conversational on Twitter
If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that Twitter is an immensely powerful communications tool. We always strive to provide our followers, and those of our clients, with engaging content relevant to their interests, and we’ve been successful at building a strong audience for our online accounts. But there’s always room for improvement when it comes to actively stoking and cultivating a conversation. Therefore, we resolve to re-double our efforts to foster interaction on Twitter by adopting a more conversational tone. So ping us @jaybirdcom!

Force Kyle to Talk About His Music More
Jaybirder Kyle Wall is quite the musician, and he has received critical acclaim for his folk band Wharfer from a variety of publications. In fact, his full-length album The Rattling was named one of BuzzFeed’s top folk albums of 2013. The problem is that he’s so soft-spoken you’d never know it! That’s why we resolve to help him make some noise about his music this year. Hey, it just so happens his new album, Scenes of the Tourist, came out today! Go show him some love by clicking here.

Go to Hale and Hearty for Lunch No More than Once a Week
Having a Hale and Hearty located conveniently around the corner from your office can be a great thing. But with a medium soup and soda costing $10, eating there more than once a week may not be a great idea. Our own Bill Greenwood does just that, and it’s leaving his wallet (and sodium levels) in shambles. So, we resolve to resist the urge for deliciousness and limit ourselves to one visit per week.

Dive into the VR/AR Waters
We’ve been bitten by the Virtual and Augmented Reality bug – so much potential for new kinds of storytelling! One of our clients, Rainbow Broadband, was involved in the Game of Thrones DVD launch pop-up event that used VR to put fans into the action, but these marketing applications are only the beginning with this new media experience. Got a VR/AR project? We want to talk to you!

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