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About Musicmetric

Musicmetric, the world’s largest music data trend asset, is the creator of Musicmetric Pro, an artist analytics dashboard that provides fast, accurate, and actionable information on any artist in the world. The company provides insight and understanding into global online consumer behavior for the entertainment industry, aggregating and analyzing all music-related information available on the web, from websites mentioning an artist or release, to social networks frequented by music fans, to peer to peer networks used to trade music, to wherever music fans leave a comment. Musicmetric currently tracks and indexes data for 600,000 artists and more than 10 million individual releases, all in real time, and the company’s dashboards are used by thousands in the industry, including artists, managers, promoters, indie and major labels, and broadcasters. Founded in 2008, Musicmetric is based in London and LA.

Musicmetric Pro tracks four key spheres of online data: social networks, P2P downloads, web mentions, and sentiment. This allows subscribers to quickly see where they are growing their fans online and throughout the world, which social campaigns are picking up traction, what kind of press they are getting on the web, and who their biggest influencers are. The service also shows users their online activity in context to real world events and automatically tracks gig dates, single or album releases, and TV appearances. With a vast amount of historical data available, Musicmetric Pro allows users to save time and cover more ground than possible through human effort alone, whether they need to negotiate sync licenses, radio plugging, book tours, or launch in new territories.