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openaurajpgAbout OpenAura

OpenAura is a visual content management platform where artists control and make money from their digital identity—amazing photos, artwork, info, and more—giving fans an engaging, dynamic experience on music apps, services, and websites worldwide. With OpenAura, artists can for the first time control how they’re represented online to millions of fans, and earn revenue from the licensing of that content. Music services, apps, and websites licensing the platform can offer visionary fan experiences that create more consumption and interaction with music. And fans can connect more deeply to the music and artists they love.

OpenAura is free to join and shares revenue with the artists, labels, photographers, and others who participate in the platform. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company was founded by Kevin Arnold—formerly founder/CEO of the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA) and creator of the Noise Pop Festival—and is seed-funded by Sony Music Entertainment. Follow us online, on Facebook, and Twitter at @OpenAura.



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Executive Profiles

Kevin_ColorKevin Arnold – Founder and CEO

Kevin Arnold is a San Francisco-based music and technology entrepreneur who dreams big – but knows how to put together the structure to make those dreams reality. As the founder of the Noise Pop Festival, IODA, and now OpenAura, he has looked at the music business in new ways, finding solutions to gaps in the framework that create more opportunities for musicians, whether with events, distribution, or the completely new field of visual data management.

Not surprisingly, his degree from the University of CA, Berkley was in Architecture, but he quickly shifted from building real estate to building music business ventures. He founded San Francisco’s internationally renowned Noise Pop Festival back in 1993. Today, Noise Pop Industries (NPI) manages a busy calendar of local cultural events year-round, culminating in the Treasure Island Music Festival. In 2012 NPI added the local events guide Do415 to its family, helping Bay Area nightlife denizens answer the question of what to do in San Francisco.

Nurturing his inner technology geek, Kevin first learned the mysteries of databases during a stint at Oracle during the 90’s Bay Area tech boom, then quickly jumped into the bubbling digital music sector at online music As Director of Data Services for Listen, Kevin was able to combine his love for music and technology by guiding the growth and development of Listen’s complex music metadata systems, data integration tools, and music royalty data warehouse for the Rhapsody digital music subscription service.

Building upon this experience, in 2003 Kevin founded IODA – the Independent Online Distribution Alliance – to help independent labels find their way in the new world of digital music. Kevin grew the fledgling startup into one of the largest digital distributors of indie music in the world, combining his dedication to independents and unique understanding of the digital music landscape to benefit IODA’s global client base.

After completing the sale of IODA to Sony Music Entertainment (SME) in 2009 and the subsequent merger with The Orchard in 2012, Kevin joined the Global Digital Business group at SME as Executive Vice President and Senior Advisor. With a mandate to focus on core problems facing the evolution of the industry, Kevin developed new business concepts that ultimately resulted in the creation and spinout of a new company, OpenAura, expected to make its debut in early 2014.