The Only Guy in the Room


by Laurie Jakobsen

At the end of April, I spoke at the first Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp (WEB), created by Lynn Loacker of Davis Wright Tremaine. My co-panelist was Jake Dunlap of Skaled, who just posted this story on VentureBeat about the experience of being the only guy in the room, and what he learned from that experience – and his advice to address the “parity problem” in the sales industry.

You should read the whole piece, but this paragraph struck me in particular:

“When I sat among 15 women at dinner, not once did anyone joke about or even acknowledge that I was outnumbered. And, I think I know why: Every one of them has been me at a different dinner — or a quarterly board meeting, or a weekly client call.”

Fortunately, women are becoming less singular in these situations, and events like WEB and conscious effort by executives like Jake help to keep moving the needle to bring more talented women to the table.

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