The Power of a Quote – or Lack of One


In today’s New York Times coverage of the Julie Taymor/Spiderman debacle, my former Tufts Daily cohort Patrick Healy notes, “Ms. Taymor did not include a comment in the press release that the producers issued — a sign of the discord among them.”

Now, of course the story goes into much more detail from there. But this non-quote in the press release issue was also picked up by Pat Kiernan of local news channel NY1 in his “In the Papers” segment. This detail – no quote from the deposed director – was interpreted to contradict the careful messaging in the initial communications about Taymor’s ongoing involvement.

 This struck me as a good reminder of just how powerful what we don’t say can be. A journalist is picking up on every cue in a company’s communications – and so is your customer. What are the things you are not saying telling people about your business?

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